Texture Dek

Mid-America’s TEXTURE-DEK is an attractive, safe, long-lasting and economical deck topping.
Beginning in the late 1970s and early 1980s, deck re-toppings took a turn away from using ‘pure’ cement-based applications, to applications with an acrylic / latex base. Since then, virtually all re-toppings consist of a sprayed on texture-top mixed with an acrylic / latex based bonding additive, Portland cement and graded silica sands. This textured topping is cooler on hot days.

The major benefits the new acrylic / latex Texture toppings had over the standard cement-based topping is their sticking power to new or aged concrete surfaces, color retention, and stain resistance. Colors are the same as kool-deck colors.

Mid-America’s TEXTURE-DEK incorporates The Portland Cement Association’s industrial preparation and application standards for concrete surfacing, with the colors, texture, and a resulting cooler surface temperature than bare concrete. Along with an acrylic / co-polymer compound base, Portland cement and silica composition, TEXTURE-DEK’s base-bonding system is recognized for the greatest adhesive qualities possible, coupled with our stringent and proper surface preparation (FEDERAL SPEC. NO.TT-P-97D).

Textured deck over old kool deck

Ugly old pebble deck replaced by TEXTURE-DEK Textured deck topping

Buff color TEXTURE-DEK