Installation Process

The INTER-GLASS® process incorporates deep penetrating Protective Barrier Coat technology along with a fully bonded, permanent and seamless closed coat water containment system that becomes an integral part of your pool.Our 35+ years of experience with pool surfaces and renovation let us look at the each project as more than just a simple re-surfacing.

Each pool is unique. Each type of pool construction – concrete, metal, acrylic, or molded fiberglass – requires a specialized installation process. Pool paints must be removed prior to resurfacing.

The first phase is the preparation of the existing surface. Quality surface preparation and attention to detail is key to success.

Cracks are repaired with the INTER-STEEL® Crack Repair System.
A bridging method is used to address static cracks.

The next phase is to install the Protective Barrier that permanently impregnates and bonds to and seals the pool shell.

The final phase is the installation of the INTER-GLASS®. This is a multi-part process and ensures that the surface of your pool is strong, smooth, and beautiful. INTER-GLASS® is hand laid up – not sprayed – ensuring a custom fit, strength and consistency.

Pool structure crack repair with INTER-GLASS®

Cracks are repaired Deep penetrating resin on a pool interior

Applying the penetrating resin New INTER-GLASS® installed

Beautiful INTER-GLASS®