Crack Repair System

Structure cracks are ugly and expensive. Water and chemicals must be continually replaced. In addition, if not permanently repaired, cracks through your pool shell allow chemically treated water to reach reinforcement steel and degrade the integrity of the pool structure.The INTER-GLASS® INTER-STEEL crack repair system incorporates epoxy injection, biaxial, multi-axial fabrics and Kevlar® (by Dupont) as needed, with special penetrating resins to repair and seal structure cracks permanently. Kevlar® (by Dupont) fabrics withstand over 400,000 PSI (pounds per square inch).

The INTER-GLASS® INTER-STEEL crack repair system even solves the problem of what to do with aging acrylic and metal panel wall pools. Cracks between the panels are permanently bridged, creating a strong one-piece surface that looks and acts like a concrete inground pool.

Concrete crack in pool

¼” concrete crack Crack repair with Kevlar® by Dupont and special resins

Crack repair with Kevlar® ( by Dupont) and special resins Old panel pool restoration

Old panel pool – or new gunite pool?