INTER-GLASS® is the premium quality swimming pool interior. It is a long-lasting surface with a non-prorated 25-year limited warranty.

INTER-GLASS® comes in a variety of colors. In addition to white, several beautiful custom colors are available, including Slate, Tan, Ocean Blue, Light Blue and Emerald.

INTER-GLASS® is non-skid on all steps and benches safety demarked with permanent hi-lite diamond tiles.

Light reflects off the INTER-GLASS® surface.

INTER-GLASS® bonds to your pool shell and strengthens the life of your pool structure. It has many long-term benefits compared to plaster, PVC membranes, traditional fiberglass or paint.

replace PVC pool liner

Tearing out a PVC vinyl liner

Panel pool with INTER-GLASS®

After INTER-GLASS® and tile