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When are you thinking of doing your renovation?

What shape is your pool?

 Rectangle L-Shape Oval Other

How long is your pool?

How wide is your pool?

How deep is your pool? (For pools of varying depth, give the depth of both the shallow and deep ends

Please provide any other necessary descriptions or measurements:

Does your pool have waterline tiles?
 Yes No
If yes, does it need new tile?
 Yes No

If your pool has racing lanes, how many are there?

Do they need to be redone?
 Yes No

The interior surface is (check all that apply)
 Plaster Paint Fiberglass PVC Liner Acrylic Panel Sides Other

Has the pool ever been plastered?
 Yes No
 Yes No

What type of structure does your pool have?
 Concrete Steel Fiberglass Other

If your pool is concrete, how bad is the surface?
 Rough to touch, scaling Chipped and Cracked Eggshell-type cracks Pop-offs 1 foot or larger in size Small Holes

Does your pool have problems with staining?
 Yes No
If yes, do you know the source of the staining?

Do you have any irregular cracks in your pool which run 12 feet or longer?
 Yes No
If yes, how many cracks and how long are they?

If you have expansion joints in your pool, how many lineal feet are there?

Are you losing water through cracks in the floor or walls?
 Yes No

Do you have wide cracks in your steps or benches?
 Yes No

Does your pool have:
 Skimmers Steel Gutters Concrete Gutters
If you have gutters, do they also need to be resurfaced?
 Yes No

How much do you spend on pool chemicals annually?

What time of year are you planning on having the work done?
 Winter Spring Summer Fall

If your pool is outdoor, what level do you keep the water in the winter?
 Water is below inlets Pool is empty Other
If other, please describe

If your pool is indoors:

How many feet from the pool to outdoors?

Does the pool area have its own circulation system?
 Yes No
Is the pool in its own room?
 Yes No
Can the pool area be closed to business?
 Yes No