We Make Pools Beautiful Again

Our national reputation for beautiful swimming pool resurfacing and restoration provides confidence when you choose us for your local pool renovation. We value our customers’ satisfaction and safety, and take great pride in providing excellent quality, care and service.

Whatever your pool restoration needs – new interior, deck resurfacing, tile, pool gutters, water features, structure crack repairs – we have the expertise. We make diving wells deeper. We construct zero-depth walk-ins. We add spray features.

Why we specialize in pool resurfacing.

Due to the corrosive nature of pool water, most pool renovations require a new interior. We only offer interior pool finishes that we can warranty will last. Both DiamondBrite and our traditional pool plaster, for example, come with a 5-year limited warranty on both materials and labor.

Our exclusive INTER-GLASS® is the most resilient pool interior in America. It is expected to last the life of the pool and has a 25 year limited warranty. INTER-GLASS® has replaced problem fiberglass coatings and PVC membrane liners on both gunite and stainless steel pools.

Commercial pool restoration across America

We are extremely well priced nationwide for indoor pool and deck resurfacing. You can see our commercial pool renovations in cities from NYC to San Francisco, including Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, KC and many small towns.

In addition, we are unexpectedly cost-efficient for large complex pool restoration projects in remote Midwest municipalities in Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Iowa and Nebraska.

Yes, we also resurface residential pools in the Midwest.

Last but not least, we also renovate many high-end residential swimming pools in the Midwest, especially in KC metro, including Overland Park, plus Omaha, Des Moines, and St. Louis. We routinely travel across America to resurface indoor, competition, school, and hotel pools, but home pools outside the Midwest should reserve well in advance for resurfacing with replaster or INTER-GLASS®, our most resilient pool interior finish.